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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A poem I wrote this winter

Pop. I shot you
a look, I thought
you never
would re
member. The last

fading warmth
In early September.
Neon nectar, sipped
by the fleeting
cast iron wind,
stale memories
lap at the leaf
piles which crumple
wound in
ash; innocent
in the bon
Fire, fury filled hot days
out back,
hiding passion
fruit saturated
alien sheets, stained
with wonder, a pain
so unnamable
that if I even ever tried to
utter it, you'd put
your headphones on, and wait for the sun to rise.

Anyway, my last train
Of thought took you
Away late October, running on steel-rain
rails. Can you take me into your coffee stained train car
night, like the choke breath red-enveloped-entertainer
scalding my rusted ears through the sublime stage
limelight, cheer up this empty dive
bar of a man. You won’t find me
sick like a diesel cocktail blind
man, wondering  aloud on
dry creak road if I raise
my hand you’ll bear
my grip and take
me with you into
your dream,
you had no-
thing else
to give.
I woke up.


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